The purpose of the game is to reach 21 points, which you can get with an Ace valued 11 and a face card valued 10. The game is basically easy and the player odds are good, so Online Blackjack is one of the most popular casino game. There are many variations of online blackjack and a player can join a Private, Group or Public table for his or her own convinence.

Blackjack Rules

  • The 3:2 odds are even good for beginning, giving you $15 back when you bet $10.
  • Getting 16 or less means ‘Hit’ – getting more cards.
  • Getting 17 or more means a ‘Stand’ – no more cards.

Playing Blackjack

  • Set your bet amount and ‘Deal’. When everyone has done this, the game begins. At Group or Public tables there is a 30-second delay until everyone ‘Deals’.
  • Depending on how close you are to 21, you will decide to Deal, Stand or Split. To split, decide which of the two cards to continue playing with. If you exceed 21, this is a ‘Bust’.
  • Gambling range is from $1 to $500.
  • Should the Dealer get Blackjack at the same time as you, this is a ‘Push’ – you get your bet money back.

Thinking of a way to win a game of blackjack? Tired of looking for tips? Still ending up losing the sessions up to now? Well, there’s help for you.

That’s right. There is one thing that you may want to use to help you win the game of blackjack. Many players have used this particular technique and most of them like their experiences so far. This may simply mean that it is really helpful. So, why not try it, too?

* Your answer lies with your own flow of playing the game. If you still can’t figure out what we are talking about, it is to let you see that you need to learn your own gaming flow before you compete.

* There’s more to your own playing flow that you may not know of. Now, gaming flow doesn’t only mean your own playing styles and game plans if that’s what you are thinking. It’s much more than that. It actually gives you a better notion of learning how to make the situation work in your favor. And it influences you to have better focus on the session you are playing.

In a grander sense, when you are in the “flow,” you seem to be like one with the session that you are playing. You are totally aware of what you are doing, what you are to do, and how to make each moment count while you play against other players.

* Learn what your strengths are when you are in the flow of things. So, in order for you to get to the winning grounds of this game, you may need to find your own gaming flow, and stick to it. Sounds easy? Think again.

You see, not everyone playing this game actually have their own flow that never fails to turn a not-so-good situation into a better gaming experience. In reality, there are times when other players lose their own playing flow. But, that doesn’t end there, because these same players will also find a chance to get back their own playing flow to handle the game with more confidence.

This game of chance has its own twists and turns with the odds that may occur while you play. But don’t be afraid to face these things. If you’re in the flow, you would see that you would be better at handling the odds as they come.

Blackjack would then be a more exciting game for you when you choose to learn and make use of that personal gaming flow that only you have. Other players have their own different flows. So, learn what yours is, and use it appropriately in the game.