Symbolizing the End of the Season for Gulet Charter in Turkey is the annual Bodrum Cup held during the second last week of October, since 1989. It is a celebration event of goodwill among all contenders for a race to win the cup. This is a regatta unique to Turkey as it comprises mainly of the classic Turkish gulet boats in all shapes and sizes.

The event is organized by the ERA Bodrum Sailing Club. The initial purpose is to promote interest and skills in sailing between the captains and their crew in the gulet charter sector. This event celebrates the end of the year’s blue cruise charter season in a rather joyous and friendly sailing race. The yachts are generally of traditional wooden sailboats that comprise of gulets, tirhandils and the like. Yachts not constructed out of wood are also welcome to participate non-competitively. The whole idea is to spread the concept of gulets and improve on the the technology used in manufacturing them to better suit sailing standards at sea.

When you see the Bodrum Cup wooden boat regatta in action, you will notice that these are privately owned yachts holding both Turkish and foreign flags. At the end of each day, all participants gather to meet and enjoy their time together, talking about the race and such.

Although gulets have a maximum passenger capacity that they have to abide by; the regatta is an exception to the rule. Guests are welcome to be on board to live the excitement and adventure of it all – and where the crew can double in count for the race – making the Bodrum Cup one of a kind, globally.

It is a magical event, a show, of Bodrum’s majestic wooden fleet that can only be experienced once a year and only in the magnificent seaside city of Bodrum, Turkey.