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Rather than staying in a hotel, why not pack light and cruise the Mediterranean from Turkey to the Greek Islands instead! There isn’t a restriction to a single region, you’re out all day soaking up the sun, playing in the sea and indulging in fresh Turkish cuisine with smiling faces and warm Turkish hospitality. But it doesn’t stop there. While you are doing all these fantastic holiday activities, you’re also cruising the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea and further, if you so desire, to the Aegean islands of Greece.

Luxury yacht charter Turkey - Mediterranean cruising the blue

Luxury yacht charter Turkey – Mediterranean cruising the blue

Doesn’t this all sound so great? A splendid way to embark on such a journey is aboard the lovely and elegantly designed, Tanyeli luxury gulet. This luxury yacht charter Turkey cruise that will leave you wishing for a second week at sea.

Gulet triple cabin aboard the luxury yacht charter Tanyeli

Gulet triple cabin aboard the luxury yacht charter Tanyeli

The Tanyeli gulet charter is a 30 meters Deluxe gulet, boasting 9 comfortable cabins to accommodate 18 guests on board. Bring the family and friends together for a big group gathering and quality time away from home sweet home! She is quite ideal for groups with children as there are four double cabins and four triple cabins. Each cabin offers air conditioning and private en suites with showers.

Blue cruise menu pleasure

Luxury yacht charter Turkey – Blue cruise dining pleasure

For your water time fun in the sea, the Tanyeli offers a canoe, fishing tackle, windsurf and diving equipment on deck.  You will also find that she is provides a life boat with a 24 person capacity and abides to International safety regulations with life jackets and fire extinguishers. The Turkish gulet Tanyeli is fully insured by AXA Insurance Company.

Can you see yourself on board this superb Turkish gulet? Pondering the thought? Why not find out more on how you can enjoy a luxury gulet charter in Turkey on board this fine yacht.

Ever thought to hire a boat for a cruise along the coast of Turkey? There are many treasures to be found along the shores of the Turkish Mediterranean. Each treasure possesses its own special beauty and uniqueness. Whether its a charming little village by the sea or a secluded private bay; or ancient ruins left behind from past civilizations or delightful shops and waterfront restaurants, Turkey impressively portrays a colorful collage of its culture for the world to enjoy.

Luxury yacht hire Mediterranean gulet cruises - Oludeniz Fethiye

Luxury yacht hire Mediterranean gulet cruises – Oludeniz Fethiye

With all this magnificence, a luxury yacht holiday aboard a traditional gulet may just be the right choice to experience the ‘real’ Turkey.  Explore the Dead Sea in Fethiye; otherwise known as the Blue Lagoon and known to be quite calm even during storms and the most photographed beach in the Mediterranean.  You can also venture over to the famous Gocek 12 islands for an simply blissful experience of peace and quiet while you take in the amazing scenery and fresh sea air.

Private gulet cruises in Turkey - Motosailer charter Getaway

Private gulet cruises in Turkey – Motosailer charter Getaway

The whole gulet sailing experience is unlike sailing on a bareboat or catamaran. It’s concept is different.  Gulets are handmade from wood therefore not as light as the other types of boats in the sea. To raise the sails and keep them going for a whole weeks’ trip is not all that possible – not to mention the region has to offer the right winds.  Even though the crew is capable of bringing out the sails, they are more there to pamper and serve you. However they will certainly not deny a few days of sailing at a few hours at a time, weather permitted.  To fully manage a complete sailing experience, there must be more crew members on board. Your Mediterranean luxury yacht can be discussed with your yacht charter agent.

Mediterranean boat charters from Turkey to Greece

Mediterranean boat charters from Turkey to Greece

Gulets on average come with anywhere from 2 to a 4 person crew. This depends on the size and class of the gulet, as well as your expectations. Crews are placed on board the Deluxe class gulets and the VIP gulets based on the clients needs.  The Economic/Standard and Luxury gulets usually will have the same crew for all guests.

There is much to see and do when embarking on a luxury yacht Mediterranean cruise. If you fancy all the simple luxuries of a holiday made especially for you, then why not consider a fantastic private gulet sailing experience from Turkey – who knows, you might just want to visit the Greek Islands too for some great island hopping fun!