Bonuses are one way how online casinos get more players. The first step to get bonus from favourite online casino is to make your deposit to the company’s account. After depositing fifty dollars the casino will also give a fifty dollars worth of bonus. Casinos require players to reach a certain amount of games played before they can withdraw the deposit. This is the required wager. This is usually found under the terms of the favourite online casino. For example an online casino will tell you to deposit this much amount and you will be able to get it after playing twelve games. This requirement is consistent for all the online casinos nowadays. If the player wants to get the deposit typically he may not qualify for the promised bonus and the other winnings.

There are hunters for the favourite online casino bonuses who play games with low bets and then just get the deposit right after. The required wagers in the previous years were still lower. It had become the easiest way to earn more from a little investment. However it also takes seven hours or eight before the player can get the money. Nowadays casinos also developed ways to curb this practice. They increased most of the requirements for the bets or wagers. This is called the sticky online casino bonus. In blackjack you can develop a way to get around the sticky bonus. Below is one way to get your bonus in online casinos by playing blackjack.

For a blackjack player this is easy. For beginners you must know the strategies of blackjack like hitting, standing and doubling down. Deposit at least a hundred dollars which will give you the bonus of one hundred dollars too. In your bank you already have two hundred dollars. You should start with a table for blackjack and use one hand to wager three dollars. In case you win you should start with one hand again and wager three dollars again. In the event you lose make the wager six dollars which means doubling it. Players can do this since typically there is a limitation to most favourite online casino’s blackjack table set to one hundred dollars. Players can actually double their bets in five successions.

Blackjack is one of the fastest games in online casinos. You can spend twenty minutes and the risk of losing is low. After winning the amount you like you can quickly get it. This is just one way to profit from the bonuses offered in your favourite online casino.